Who is Kat and what does she do?

I’m Katrina (Kat for short), and I do massage. Massage therapy, actually.  I specialize in 2 hour and 90 min. Deep Tissue massage therapy, as I’ve found this time allows me to really listen intently and allows your body to respond to changes.

I am fascinated by the body and all of it’s complex workings, I love to problem solve, and I really enjoy helping others.  These three attributes lead me to physical activity, medical offices, and eventually massage therapy.  

I started with a Bachelor’s in Exercise Science from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009, became certified to instruct group exercise classes, and worked at a small all-female gym when I first moved to Austin in 2010.  I transitioned to the medical field, working as a Chiropractic Assistant providing hands-on therapy and exercise instruction under the guidance of a doctor.  

It was over the course of a couple years working in Chiropractic offices, moving from therapy to marketing, that I realized I wanted to return to manual therapy exclusively and enrolled in a 500 hour massage program at New Beginning School of Massage in Austin.  

I graduated in 2014 and immediately began apprenticing with an experienced and highly saught after massage therapist here in Austin.  This rare opportunity vastly accelerated my learning, providing me with the experience and training needed to set myself apart in a competitive field.  After 6 months of apprenticing and working alongside my mentor, calibrating my technique, and getting certified in Erik Dalton’s Myoskeletal Alignment Technique (MAT), I began working at Myo Massage where I continued to learn from some of the best therapists Austin has to offer.  I have since transitioned to Generator Athlete Lab, where I’ve been able to work closely with athletes of all abilities, having the opportunity to grow both my skills and practice. I now provide in-home sessions, lending to my flexible schedule and client base, and am transitioning into Applied Pressure on South Lamar.

Through these opportunities I have developed my technique to involve lots of movement, fluidity, and assessment, deeply listening to the body and all it has to say.  Movement is vital to the human body, so expect lots of mobility work, active & passive movement, and discussion of self care. I will also likely ask about habits, work, sleep, and many other areas of life that the body moves through.  I’ve found these elements to be far more effective in helping clients reach their goals.

I now divide my time between seeing clients at Applied Pressure, seeing clients in their homes, and volunteering my services at SAFE.  You can schedule your first in-home session with me by emailing or texting me at kataugostini@gmail.com or 512-758-1961.

PS. I am a Texas licensed therapist, my license number is MT 120685. Unlike the Chronicle’s back page listings, I’m legit.